Welcome to All Things Laser Tag!  Created for those who love laser tag (that's me), like laser tag, are interested in learning about laser tag, searching for information on laser tag or looking for a local place to play laser tag.

You take a deep breath to try to control your excitement.  You plot your first move, then your next as the count down begins.  You check your gear, adjust your grip and now it's Go! time. 

You swiftly move to the first available barrier and peek around the corner.  Ah, an unsuspecting opponent is out in the open. What a nube!  You aim and fire.  Hit!  The true battle has begun.

The invention of laser tag and the entrepreneurs that created laser tag gear and indoor places to play have allowed us average Joe's to step into a Star Wars-like fantasyland and experience what it's like to defend our base planet  from the evil Dark Lord as he directs his minions to annihilate all in their path in the quest to rule the galaxy. 

Or perhaps you prefer the militarist outdoor laser tag gear that can place you in the midst of a modern urban battle, even in broad daylight. In this scenario you are equipped with a weapon that has an impressive hit range of over 300 feet, but so does your enemy.

Laser tag has evolved into a giant worldwide industry when you include gear manufacturing, play locations and mobile companies.  It's safe to play and painless.  There's gear for small kids to handle as well as robust gear for the discriminate player.  Whichever category you fall into, give laser tag a shot.  I think you'll find something that impresses you.  And most of all ... have fun!