Arenas typically are large dark rooms lit by black lights with many walls or other obstructions to clutter the field. Many are multi-level or themed to look 'futuristic' or like an 'urban jungle' or other design. Laser Tag also exists in an outdoor incarnation played on fields similar to paintball.

Indoor laser tag is usually played inside a large dark arena. The laser tag equipment typically consists of phasors that emit an infrared signal and vests that receive the signal. The phasors and vests are integrated with a control computer that calculates scores for each player. Because of the close quarters inside these arenas, running is not allowed. The vests usually don't allow crawling. Fog devices, laser pointers and other light and sound effects contribute to an overall festive atmosphere inside these arenas.

The goal here is to list as many indoor laser tag locations as possible so maybe you can find one near you. (This is a work in progress, so thanks for your patience)

There are dozens of different manufacturers of Laser Tag equipment, such as Ikon-x,  LaZer Runner, Laserforce, Ultrazone, Darklight, LaserStorm, LaserTron, LaserQuest, LaserTrek, LaserGame, Q-Zar, etc. Each system has somewhat different equipment design, mechanics, game play, and rules. Most systems sell the rights to use the equipment in lieu of operating their own sites, however there have been a few exceptions such as Photon, Lasertron and LaserQuest.

Indoor Laser Tag Places 

Stratum Lasertag is located in Mesa, Arizona. See for more information.

Wazees World Laser Zone is located in Peoria, Arizona. See for more information.

Funtasticks Family Fun Park is located in Tucson, Arizona. See for more information.

Laser Island is located in Upland, California. See for more information.

Lasertag of Carmichael is located in Carmichael, California near Sacramento. See for more information.

Qzar Laser Tag is located in Tampa, Florida. See for more information.

Qzar Laser Tag is located in Atlanta, Georgia. See for more information.


Rascal's Black Light Laser Tag is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. See for more information.

Chasers Laser Tag is located in Aurora, Illinois. See for more information.

Laser Flash is located in Carmel, Indiana. See for more information.

Advanced Laser Tag is located in Olathe, Kansas. See for more information.

Laser Blaze is located in St. Matthews, Kentucky. See for more information.

Adventure Quest Laser Tag is located in Harahan, Louisiana. See for more information.

Shadowland Laser Adventures is located in Gaithersburg & Columbia & Frederick, Maryland. See for more information.

Laser Craze is located in North Andover & Woburn, Massachusetts. See for more information.

Q-Zar Laser Tag is located in Long Island, New York. See for more information.