Outdoor Laser Tag Places

Most outdoor laser tag companies are mobile, that is, they don't have a permanent or stationary location where patrons visit to play laser tag. Instead they set up for private parties at the customer's house, club or a local park that allows laser tag play. Some outdoor laser tag companies do have permanent locations that are similar to what paintball facilities look like. And as a matter of course some paintball fields have added laser tag to their locations in hopes of attracting younger patrons who either can't play paintball because they are under the restricted age of 10 or wish not to play paintball because of the potential issue of pain.

If the outdoor laser tag company uses commercial grade outdoor equipment, like the Ikon-x Outdoor Laser Tag equipment at www.ikon-x.com, then their customers can play outside in broad day light and of course at night. There is no need for an enclosed arena with this type of laser tag equipment because the laser tag guns emit a magnified signal and the sensors (also called receivers) filter out the affects of the sun. These details are the major differences between outdoor laser tag equipment and indoor laser tag equipment.

The goal here is to list as many outdoor laser tag businesses as possible so maybe you can locate one close to you for your own party or function. (This a work in progress, so thanks for your patience).

Laser Tag USA primarily serves the Los Angeles and Orange County areas but will travel to all parts of California. See www.lasertagusa.com for more information.

Isaaks Family Fun is in Charleston, IL. See www.isaaksfamilyfun.com for more information.

Xtreme Fun Party Co. is in South Bend, IN. See www.xtremefunparty.com for more information.

Perfect Parties USA is in Peabody, MA. See www.perfectpartiesusa.com for more information.

Curb Games is in Cypress, TX. See www.curbgames.com for more information.