Ikon-x- Laser Tag Equipment


This revolutionary system raises the bar in the new sport of outdoor laser tag. Our system combines state of the art infrared technologies with full scale replications of airsoft weaponry. The complete system allows the user to play just laser tag, just airsoft or play airsoft with a laser tag scoring system. More than enough for an Extreme Battlefield Experience.

They have created an adaptable and affordable outdoor laser tag system suited for everyone from the spirited and visionary entrepreneur to the recreational adventure seeker. Whichever category you fall into they believe the Ikon-x will be the right laser tag system for you. You won't find a more affordable commercial laser tag system on the market.


They've put a year and a half of research and development into the Ikon-x, considering everything from the functionality and versatility of each unit, to significant issues such as the weight of the units (very important for younger players), the look and design of the units, and the affordable price of the units. So take your time to look around their website and gather as much information as necessary to see if the Ikon-x is right for you.